These Are the Differences Between Agar-Agar, Jelly and Gelatin!

Mar 29, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

These Are the Differences Between Agar-Agar, Jelly and Gelatin!

Mar 29, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

Despite their similarities, agar-agar, jelly and gelatin are three different items. All of them do turn into solids when mixed with hot or boiling water. But if you think they can be used interchangeably in any recipes, you’re wrong!

Because they’re made of different ingredients, agar-agar, jelly and gelatin create different textures in various recipes. So let’s get to know them better so you know which one you should buy and use the next time you’re making a dessert!


Made of seaweed or algae, agar-agar is sold in the powder form in various stores and supermarket across indonesia. To use it, just simply cook agar-agar along with some water and boil it. Agar-agar has pretty solid and hard texture once it’s set.


Made of konnyaku and carrageenan seaweeds, jelly is usually sold in powder form and is available in various fruits flavors. Like agar-agar, jelly should be mixed with hot or boiling water for the gel to form. Once set, jelly is visually jiggly and boasts chewy texture.


Unlike plant-based agar-agar and jelly, gelatin is extracted from animal bones, including cows and pigs. The price as well as the limited availability of halal gelatin makes it less popular than agar-agar and jelly in Indonesia.

But if you still want to experiment with gelatin, you may find gelatin powder and sheets in the nearest store to you. If you decide to use powdered gelatin, dissolve it first in hot or warm water. If you can only find gelatin sheets, leave them submerged in normal water. After the sheets become soft, remove them from the water. Gelatin is used a lot in Italian desserts, including panna cotta. Its texture is way softer than agar-agar and jelly.


So between agar-agar, jelly and gelatin, which ingredients do you use a lot at home? Try making desserts using the other ingredients as well! Don’t worry about the recipes, because we have so many creative and easy-to-follow recipes from @FiberCreme_TV! You can then make it a better, tastier, and creamier dish by adding FiberCreme that’s high in fiber and is so good for your digestive system!


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