Healthy Catering for Faster Business

Healthy living is no longer an option, but a necessity to be part of the trend by upgrading your business and providing healthy menu choices for customers

Many Want to Live Healthy, Healthy Catering Must Be Sought For!

FiberCreme presents FiberTime, a guide program for running a healthy catering business for FnB entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Through the principle of a diet high in fiber and protein that has proven its success. You can start a healthy catering business more easily!

Why is FiberTime the Best Partner for a Healthy Catering Business?


FiberTime is an easy and fun catering program to achieve ideal body weight


FiberTime provides optimal fiber benefits through the consumption of delicious foods


FiberTime serves a varied menu of quality and halal selected ingredients


FiberTime is proven to lose 6-7kg in 70 days*

*) based on internal program test of PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo to 20 participants

FiberTime with FiberCreme Inside

Those who have tried and succeeded

Alifa Mufidah

Private Employees & Housewives

I initially often ate foods that were high in cholesterol, so the body felt heavy and uncomfortable.

After participating in this catering program by maintaining a diet, now the body feels lighter for activities, so it feels fresher.

Maulana Iskandar

Private employees

The first purpose of participating in this catering is to want to live healthier, because several times following the diet program the results failed halfway and the menu was boring and bland. But when participating in this catering, the food menu varied and the nutritional needs were fulfilled and I lost 27kg of weight 🙂

Get a Healthy Catering Business Starter Kit

  • Minimum order of FiberCreme worth Rp1.200.000,- per month
  • Minimum cooperation period of 12 months
  • Entitled to use the FiberCreme Inside logo on the packaging

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