Use These 6 Tricks to Suppress Your Appetite

Mar 22, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

Use These 6 Tricks to Suppress Your Appetite

Mar 22, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

Whether you’re on a weight-loss program or currently trying to live a healthy lifestyle, reducing appetite is one hell of a challenge. It’s just getting more and more difficult if you happen to be a foodie who normally eats in a big portion or loves to eat anything delicious.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to a successful diet, because there are actually a number of tricks you can try to control your appetite. Below are 6 easiest tricks you can try right now to help you gain your ideal weight faster!


Eat slowly

Your brain needs time to realize that you’re full already. A research mentions, there’s a 20-minute gap between your stomach sending the “full” signal and your brain receiving it. By eating slowly, you’re minimizing that gap so you can eat less.


Start with food that are high in water content

Water-rich foods slow down the digestive process and make you feel fuller. So start every meal with something watery like soup, veggies or fruits, so you can eat less afterwards.

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Spice up you food

Not only will it enrich the flavor of your food, spiciness from hot pepper, cayenne, and other spicy ingredients will also help you lose weight thanks to something called capsaicin. A study shows that capsaicin has thermogenic effect which produces body heat to burn your fat and prevent weight-gain.


Drink more coffee or tea

This is perfect news for coffee or tea lovers out there, because their favorite drinks can actually help them shed some pounds. Plain coffee and most types of tea are typically calorie-free and are high in caffeine, which also has thermogenic effect to suppress your appetite.


Exercise before a meal

Instead of making you feel hungrier, doing some exercise prior to having a meal is actually reducing your appetite. A research shows that the levels of “hunger hormone” called ghrelin are lower in participants who’ve done some high-intensity exercise before they eat.


Have more fiber

Because it can’t be processed by your body, fiber will slow down your digestion and make you feel fuller to keep you from overeating. You’re required to have at least 30 grams of fiber per day, which you can get from consuming greens, oats, and seeds.

But if you’re not a fan of those fiber-rich foods, try FiberCreme that makes it easier for you to meet your daily fiber needs. This multi-purpose creamer can be applied to your favorite dishes or beverages as dairy or coconut milk substitute, so you can eat freely while keeping your diet on track and keeping your digestion healthy.



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