These “Bad Foods” Are Actually Good for Your Health!

Apr 5, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

These “Bad Foods” Are Actually Good for Your Health!

Apr 5, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

In this era, you can find any kind of information through the internet. Lots of you even decide to stop relying on your nutritionists, because you can just ask google what foods are suitable or not suitable for your healthy diet despite the fact that not all information you get from the net is scientifically proven.

Not only can the info be so wrong, it can also keep you away from foods that are actually good for your health – like the ones listed below. While they’re widely considered “dangerous,” these foods are pretty beneficial if they’re processed correctly.


Eggs, especially the yolks, are famous for being rich of saturated fat that may cause high cholesterol. Luckily, there are numerous researches proving this allegation wrong. Instead of causing dangerous diseases, eggs are the source of protein and important nutritions including vitamin A, D and choline. So as long as they’re consumed moderately, eggs are definitely allowed to be included to your diet.


With around 170 calories per 35 grams, not to mention the high saturated fat they contain, peanuts once made the list of the worst foods for diet. But don’t worry, because researches have shown that the fat in peanuts can actually fight bad cholesterol LDL. Plus, peanuts are a source of protein and fiber – so it’s quite healthy as long as it’s not served along with sugar, salt or other flavoring.

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Red meat

If you’ve been adopting healthy diet, chances are you’ve been avoiding red meat like beef or goat’s meat. While it does have pretty high saturated fat content, red meat is also high in protein and iron. So instead of completely ruling out red meat, you can choose fat-less meat to be cooked along with some vegetables.


Like peanuts, avocadoes are considered bad at first because of its fat. But fortunately, the fat in avocadoes are the good one that helps fight bad cholesterol. So when consument without excessive sugar, avocadoes can help cure inflammation and reduce risks of heart diseases.


Potatoes fall into the “junk food” category due to the fact that they’re often turned into french fries or chips. When they’re not fried or excessively flavored, however, potatoes can be very healthy as it provides vitamin and mineral like vitamin C and potassium. When you leave the skin intact, potatoes also offer pretty high fiber that’s beneficial for your digestive system.

Well, there are so many misunderstood foods, right? From the above list, which ones have you been avoiding thinking they’re bad for your healthy diet? Now that you don’t need to avoid them, let’s use the ingredients above to make something tasty! Find the recipes that work for you only on @FiberCreme_TV! And make everything you cook taste better and remain low-calorie and low-fat with the multi-purpose creamer FiberCreme!



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