Start Saying Goodbye to Diabetes by Eating More Fiber

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Diabetes is one of the diseases everyone’s afraid of. But in reality, there are so many Indonesians who live with diabetes. And the numbers just keep getting bigger and bigger by days not only because of the hereditary factor, which makes it possible for someone to develop diabetes due to his or her parents, but also because of their unhealthy lifestyle. Up until now, the most popular way of preventing diabetes has been avoid or limit the sugar intake. Those with diabetes have mostly chosen to give up on anything sweet, even rice that has become a staple for us Indonesians, because such food will quickly raise the sugar levels in their blood.

But avoiding sweets isn’t the only way to keep the blood sugar stable. As more people choose to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are now diabetic-friendly foods with low-glycemic index. Glycemic index is a number used to show how fast a certain food can be turned into sugar by one’s body. The lower the number, the slower it will be processed and the less it will affect the blood sugar.  But if it’s still pretty difficult for you to find or have food with low glycemic index, there’s an easier thing you can do to reduce the risk of developing diabetes: consuming more fiber.

It’s not a secret that fiber is good for the health, though it’s been mostly associated with digestion and people’s attempts to lose weight. So what does fiber have anything to do with diabetes?  As many have known, fiber can’t be digested by the body. Once it’s consumed, it will all come out of your body along with your feces. Because it can’t be processed by the enzyme, fiber doesn’t have too much effect on your blood sugar. Because of its characteristics, fiber helps make you full faster. It will make you feel full though you’ve only eaten a small portion of your food. The lesser food the body processes, the easier it is for you to control your sugar levels. Plus, fiber makes you feel full longer and helps you curb your snacking habits.

You can get fiber easily by consuming the likes of wheat, oatmeal, red rice, vegetables and fruits. But fulfilling your daily fiber needs is now easier, thanks to the multi-purpose creamer FiberCreme that can be added to your favorite dishes or drinks. Aside from being high in fiber, FiberCreme is cholesterol-and-gluten-free and is low in sugar. Additionally, it could be a solution for those with milk intolerance.





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