Here Are 5 of the Worst Fruits for Your Diet

Mar 1, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

Here Are 5 of the Worst Fruits for Your Diet

Mar 1, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

You must have heard about how fruits are good for your health. There are also certainly people who tell you to eat a lot of it if you’re trying to lose weight. You probably have ever known someone who just eats fruits all the time when they’re on a diet.

But be careful, because some fruits don’t actually support your weight-loss program. Keep reading to see what fruits they are, and why they’re branded bad for your diet!


Despite its high fiber and other important nutrients, bananas aren’t for you if you’re cutting carbs off your diet or if you’re trying to keep your blood sugar level steady. In addition to quite high sugar (around 17 grams per serving), this fruit has pretty high carbohydrates and may give you extra 120 calories if you eat a whole big-sized banana.



The excessive sugar in mangoes isn’t the only reason why you should avoid it if you’re on a diet. This fruit is pretty high in carbohydrates. One bowl of mango slices can contribute around 23 grams of sugar and 100 calories to your body.

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Coconuts are high in calories. 100 grams of coconut meat will give you unnecessary 354 calories. Also be careful with the fat it contains. Not only will it ruin your low-fat diet, it may also lead to chronic diseases including heart diseases, and cholesterol.



Also avoid avocadoes if you’re watching the calories that go to your body. One medium-sized avocadoes can contain 332 calories, which will be a burden to burn.



Think twice about snacking on grapes. You’ll get at least 67 calories per 100 grams of grapes you consume. Considering how easy to eat and delicious grapes are, you may ignore the serving size and eat too many in one sitting, causing the calories and carbs to add up fast.


Your favorite fruits are on the above list? Don’t be sad, because there are other delicious fruits that are also lower in sugar and calorie so your diet can yield a better result.

For a more fun diet, you can experiment with those fruits and turn them into more delicious and refreshing drinks or dishes. Not sure what to make first? Click here and follow @FiberCreme_TV on Instagram for super easy and simple recipes to recook. And don’t forget to always add the multi-purpose high-fiber creamer FiberCreme for creamier taste without extra fat and calories.




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