Why Fiber Is Important For Your Body?

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Hi Foodiest, whether you are one of those people who selectively choose food? Of course, now no longer needs to become healthy, but it has become a lifestyle for many people.

One of them, a healthy lifestyle can be seen from that we consume every day. For example, with sufficient daily fiber needs food in order to be more healthy digestive system again. If you hear the word fiber, what do you think of first? Definitely the first one you think of is vegetable and fruit?

Not only that, generally the fiber is divided into two main groups, namely fibre are soluble, and insoluble in water. Combined both called for a total fiber. Want to know more about both of these fibers? Yuk we we see the difference.


Fibre Does Not Dissolve

You need to know, not soluble fiber can be found in the coarse textured food ingredients as in the fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. A fiber called insoluble, because this type of fiber is insoluble in water.

Then, how does this insoluble fibers in the gut? In the intestine, fiber cannot dissolve it is not broken and can’t be absorbed in our digestive system, thus adding some kind of fibres in the digestive system. That is why fiber does not dissolve this can prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.


Soluble Fiber

The opposite of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber has properties that dissolve in water and binds water. Soluble fiber foods can act by changing the nature of the contents of the digestive tract becomes more viscous, so as inhibit the absorption of glucose and sugar that goes into the blood cells will slow down, and even maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Generally we will find this soluble fiber in beans, wheat, fruit, and avocado. In fact, FiberCreme is also included in one of the sources of soluble fiber. Therefore, FiberCreme is also able to inhibit the absorption of glucose in the blood, smoothen bowel movements, and make the stomach feel full longer.



How, now you know so much about the benefits of fiber and how fiber is able to make you so much healthier digestion? In fact, quoted from Health.com, based on the research of the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals, in a period of 9 years, consumes plenty of fiber is capable of lowering the risk of death from a variety of causes.

In the study, explained that people who consume plenty of fiber of about 25 g/day for women and 30 g/day for men experiencing a 22% lower the chances of dying compared with people who eat fiber 10 g/day. In fact, in many cases of death from heart disease, infections, and respiratory diseases, high-fiber diet reducing the 50% risk of the disease.

So, if you already know this kind of information, still tell you that it’s not important fiber? Foodiest, fill the needs of our daily food fiber by eating healthy foods!


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