These Are Foods You Should NEVER Refrigerate

Mar 15, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

These Are Foods You Should NEVER Refrigerate

Mar 15, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

Most people will turn to refrigerator to keep their food fresh longer. But did you know that you can’t just refrigerate any foods? Instead of staying fresh, some will rot quicker and will lose its original shape and taste after being kept in the fridge. Scroll down and keep reading to find out what some of them are!


When kept in low temperature, the starch in potatoes will turn into sugar which will affect the texture and taste when cooked. Plus, the sugar will react with amino acids asparagine contained by the potatoes to form cancerous acrylamide. So to keep poatoes, just leave them unwashed and put them in a dry paper bag.


Cold temperature can ruin the rippening process of tomatoes, and subsequently ruin its taste. Tomatoes love the heat, so you can just put them in the counter at room temperature, or put them somewhere it can get direct sunlight.


When you buy avocadoes from the market or grocery stores, chances are they aren’t ripe yet. While waiting for the fruit to ripen, don’t ever store it in the fridge. Just leave it in the counter until the fruit becomes edible.

But in case you have fully ripen avocadoes that you haven’t had the chance to work with, you’re allowed to keep them in the fridge. But don’t leave them there for too long, or they’ll overripe.

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It’s actually pointless to keep honey in the fridge for the purpose of preservation. Honey is the only food that can’t go bad or spoiled, thanks to the naturally-present acidic pH that will keep any spoiling microorganism away. Instead of keeping it fresh, storing honey in the fridge will cause crystallization that makes it difficult to pour or spread. So, just keep it in tightly closed container and leave it somewhere dry for it to last forever.


The brown, paper-like skin doesn’t come along with the onions once they’re taken off the ground. The protective layer needs dry enviroment and some time to form. To keep the onions, just place them somewhere dry with good air circulation. And keep them away from potatoes, which will give off gas that can spoil onions quickly.

But you’re totally allowed to keep peeled or pre-cut onions in the fridge. You can place them in airtight container and let it stay there up to 7 days.


Garlics go bad quicker than it’s should when kept in fridge or in a plastic bag. So, just keep them at room temperature in a dry and dark place to avoid the bulbds sprouting.


Basil and other aromatic herbs love the heat, and will wilt prematurely and lose their aroma when stored in the fridge. You can just place the herbs in a vase with their roots submerged in water, and keep them at room temperature. Cut them just when you’re about to use them.


Grounded or not, coffee shouldn’t be kept in the fridge. Coffee absorbs any smells around it, so it will easily absorb the smell of other foods stored there, and lose its original taste. You can just put coffee in an airtight container, and keep it in dry and dark place to retain its freshness.

Now that you know some foods that shouldn’t go in the fridge, start considering to keep them properly according to the rules so you can use them to experiment with a lot of new, creative recipes from FiberCreme_TV. And make of your creations better with the creamy, high-fiber and low-calorie FiberCreme.




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