Step Aside Fruits and Veggies! These Are 5 Yummier Foods for Your Diet

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Diet is pretty simple. Yes, it really is. The concept of a weight-loss diet is actually just as simple as creating a caloric deficit by consuming less calorie than your body requires. By limiting the calorie that’s normally turned into energy, your body will be forced to burn the fat it stores.

However, the application of a healthy, safe diet is not easy. Workout and resctricting lots of your favorite food… it already sounds difficult. Even if you can do it, your diet may still fail if it isn’t planned well. You may end up with an ulcer or malnutrition.

But don’t give up now. Your shouldn’t completely rule out any kind of food and starve yourself to shed pounds quickly. Just be consistent and always pay attention to whatever your eat. To begin your healthy diet, here are 5 yummy-but-still healthy foods you can try adding to your menu.





Eggs are high in protein, and that’s good for your diet. It’s recommended that you eat eggs for breakfast, because the protein will help you feel full longer and suppress your appetite. So, eggs in the morning can keep you from snacking before lunchtime.





If you love chewing so much, try replacing your regular snacks with a handful of almond, peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts. In addition to containing high fiber that’s good for your digestion, nuts have lots of good fat and can improve the good cholesterol known as HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). This will lead to a better and healthier heart.





As long a it’s low in fat and sugar, yogurt can help your diet. Whether its regular or Greek, yogurt has enough protein to keep you full longer. Need more reason to welcome yogurt to your weight-loss program? A research shows that one serving of yogurt can prevent your body to gain about 0.4 kg.





Who would’ve thought that popcorn can help you lose weight? If it isn’t cooked with lots of butter like the one you normally have at movie theaters, popcorn has the fiber and protein you need for your diet. One cup of popcorn, weighing about 28 grams, has around 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein with only 110 calories. Plus, popcorns consist of mostly air. So you can eat big portion of it without having to worry about the calories.


Dark Chocolate



Chocolate is normally one thing that you must avoid when on a diet. But having one square of dark chocolate or two is acceptable. A study involving some chocolate lovers and pizza shows that after a few hours, people who’ve had dark chocolate can eat 15 percent less pizza compared to those who’ve had milk chocolate.


See, not everything that’s tasty is bad for your diet. But let’s be honest. For a better weight-loss result, you can’t just leave fruits and veggies out of your diet menu. If you’re one of those people who have trouble eating them, don’t worry because fruits and vegetables can also be turned into nutritious and delicious dishes.

How? Check out @FiberCreme_TV on Instagram to find creative and inspirational recipes. And make your food tastes better with the super creamy FiberCreme, which is high in fiber to help improve your digestion.



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