Snacking and Staying Slim Is Possible With These 4 Foods

Feb 22, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News | 0 comments

Snacking and Staying Slim Is Possible With These 4 Foods

Feb 22, 2019 | ARTICLE, ARTIKEL, News

Snacking is one habit that people believe they should avoid to lose weight. That’s not entirely wrong, since most snacks only satisfy your taste buds but can’t really fill you up. And that means the more you eat snacks, the more calories you’ll get and the fatter your’ll be.

But if can’t give up your snacking habit now, that’s okay because healthy snacks do exist and are easier to find than you think. In addition to being healthy, the snacks can actually help you shed pounds faster. So what are they?

1. Nuts

Snacking on nuts often? Don’t feel guilty about it, because nuts are actually good for your weigh-loss programs. Some types of nuts, including soybeans, walnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts and kidney beans, contain very high fiber that can help improving your digestion.

However, you should also pay attention to how the nuts are cooked. Choose roasted or toasted nuts over deep-fried ones. And avoid adding salt ot other artificial flavorings to your nuts.

2. Jelly

High-fiber jelly fills you up pretty quickly without adding much calories, fat and carbs to your body – only if you don’t use sugar. Instead of sugar, try sweetening it with various naturally sweet and fresh  fruits like oranges, mangoes, kiwis or watermelons. You can also make it creamier and still low-fat by replacing your regular dairy milk with FiberCreme.

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3. Fresh fruits

Snacking on fruits? Why not? Always carry around a contained filled with pears, apples, kiwis, mangoes, bananas or whatever fruits your like. Cut them in bite-size pieces, so you can have them anywhere and anytime you feel like snacking. Not a fan of fruits? Try turning them into a salad, or make sorbet like this.


4. Chocolate

You don’t have to stay away from chocolate when on a diet. If you love chocolate as much as – well, a lot of other people in this planet do, you can replace your milk chocolate with dark chocolate that has much lower sugar and tastes a bit bitter.

While dark chocolate is considered good for your diet, it doesn’t mean you can eat it as much as you want. Just have 2 small bars every time you feel like snacking. Or check this Chocolate Mousse recipe to experience a new way of eating your dark chocolate.



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