These Are Probably Reasons You Can’t Stay Focused at Work

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Have you ever suddenly felt so tired, lost your focus or felt less and less energetic when you’re in the middle of doing your activities at school or office? It must be annoying that your inability to concentrate well ends up won’t allow you to finish your work on time and may eventually leave you with more stress.

There are several reasons why you lose focus during work – like sleepiness that may be a result of various causes. So let’s see what those causes are, so you can start fixing the problems and going back to working normally.

Lack of Sleep

Most of you will blame staying up too late or lack of sleep for being sleepy during working hours. But do you know how important it is to have enough sleep? When you’re sleeping, your body isn’t the only one resting. You’ll take a break from using your brain too. So having enough sleep will help rest your mind, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face new challenges at work or school.

High Blood Sugar

In normal condition, glucose in your blood will be turned into energy with the help of insulin. But when the glucose level in your blood gets too high, your body will produce too much insulin and cause insuline resistance, which is a condition where the glucose can no longer be processed by insulin. Without the energy, you’ll feel tired and sleepy.

The glucose in your body may come from various sources, including white rice, canned drinks, sweet treats, and fruits. So keep tabs on how much sugar you’ve consumed, since you are recommended to have 90 grams of sugar per day. That equals to only four tablespoons of sugar per day.


Your body, as well as you brain, needs enough oxygen to work. Oxygen is transported throughout your body by red blood cells. Meanwhile, anemia is a condition when someone doesn’t have enough red blood cells, so the oxygen cannot be distributed properly to various parts of your body, including your brain. And sleepiness is how your brain reacts when there’s not enough oxygen in it.


A human’s body is mostly composed of water, so dehydration can be a serious problem.  Water is needed by the body to help digestive system, detoxifiction, and deliver the nutrients needed by the body.  If the brain doesn’t get enough water, it will make you feel tired and sleepy.


Aside from sleepiness, the other reasons why you lose your focus during work include hunger. If you often feel hungry, even if you’ve just had your breakfast, it probably means you haven’t consumed enough fiber.

Fiber cannot be digested by the body, so it will come out as a whole along with feces. Because of that, fiber can make you feel full faster and longer. If your breakfast has enough fiber, then you’ll surely have enough energy to go through a hectic morning without feeling hungry.

Each day, every person is recommended to have around 30-40 grams of fiber. However, it seems to be a difficult task for most of us. Even superpower country like the U.S. only manages to have most of its citizens consume averagely 15 grams per day.

Meeting your fiber needs is actually pretty easy. You can have fiber from eating nuts, vegetables, fruits, wheat, and oats among others. But if you need an easier and more delicious way to boost your fiber intake, then you should try FiberCreme.

Made of oligosaccharide and the healthy virgin coconut oil, FiberCreme can be addd to your favorite dishes or beverages to make them tastier, creamier and contain higher fiber. Most importantly, FiberCreme is free of cholesterol, low in sugar, calorie and fat, so it’s safe for anyone trying to lose weight.



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