Because healthy can be delicious

Say Hello to Guilt-Free Eating

For Meals that Taste Good and Feel Good

High Fiber Creamer that Makes Everything Good

FiberCreme™ adds creamy goodness to any food or drink, but without extra sugar. High in fiber and lactose-free, our multipurpose creamer is your answer to a tastier and healthier lifestyle.

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hello there tasty food!

Who says healthy can’t be delicious? With FiberCreme™, every spoonful can taste like five-star gourmet. See how our delectable creamer can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

seems good to be true?

FiberCreme™ elevates any food and drink with smooth and creamy taste, just like cow’s milk or coconut milk, but is lighter and better for your health.

High Dietary Fiber

Alternative to reduce calories

excellent creaminess and mouthfeel

Ideal ingredient to partially replace sugar