What is FiberCreme?

FiberCreme is a high fiber multifunctional cream and can make any food or drink more creamy, tasty and healthy. FiberCreme can also be used instead of coconut milk or milk, even FiberCreme is much healthier because it is cholesterol-free and safe for those who have milk intolerance and for those who have gluten allergies.

What is the main composition in FiberCreme?

The main component of FiberCreme is a soluble dietary fiber from oligosaccharides.

What is FiberCreme usage / function?

FiberCreme function is an alternative to coconut milk and milk. FiberCreme is also to add a creamy, delicious, and healthy flavor that can be applied to various food and beverage menus.

What is the advantage of FiberCreme?

The advantages of FiberCreme include high fiber, gluten-free, trans fat free, cholesterol-free, low-sugar, low glycemic index, and are able to suppress longer hunger. Thus, it is very safe for those who have problems with diabetes and is also suitable for diet.

Is FiberCreme safe for vegetarians?

FiberCreme is safe for vegetarians, since the main component of FiberCreme is vegetable fiber from oligosaccharides. However, there is little casein content in FiberCreme. Casein or casein is a type of protein commonly found in cow’s milk. Some vegetarians are not concerned about it, but we return it to the customer to react to it.

Why can FiberCreme replace coconut milk?

Because FiberCreme has a flavor that is almost similar to coconut milk. In fact, FiberCreme is more creamy and healthier than coconut milk. Because, FiberCreme has a lower fat content, lower calories and no cholesterol.

Why can not FiberCreme be consumed by children under 1 year of age?

Basically, children under one year still have a very sensitive digestive system. Thus, it is strongly recommended that FiberCreme be consumed by children over 1 year.

What is Caseinate?

Casein or casein is a lactose-free protein commonly found in cow’s milk.

What is Isomalto - Oligosaccharide?

Isomalto-Oligosaccharide is a soluble fiber that belongs to a carbohydrate group that can not be absorbed by the body. Thus, the body will not store it in excess so as not to potentially raise blood sugar in the body.

What are the side effects when consuming excessive FiberCreme?

Basically, something that is excessive is not good. Likewise with the consumption of FiberCreme in excess of the recommended provisions, it is able to make the stool becomes more dilute, the stomach feels uncomfortable to diarrhea. The daily usage suggestion is 48-60 grams / day. (With Consumption 48-60 grams a day FeberCreme you already consume 30 grams of oligosaccharide)

FiberCreme can be found anywhere?

FiberCreme is already sold in stores and supermarkets. For example like in Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Lottemart, Superindo, Hypermart, Hero, Giant, and many more. To find it, can be found on the shelves of the cream or coconut milk. To purchase via online FiberCreme also already in Tokopedia, Blibli, Kalbestore.com, Shopee, Blanja.com, and Bukalapak. For updates to FiberCreme’s stores please visit www.fibercreme.com/store

Is the color and appearance of dishes using FiberCreme different from those using only coconut milk?

Associated with the color of good cuisine using FiberCreme or coconut milk, more or less the same. The only difference is the degree of viscosity (more thick coconut milk). But in terms of taste, FiberCreme is more creamy.

Is FiberCreme safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Safe, as long as consume it with the limits of consumption we have suggested. Namely, for children aged one year is not more than 30 grams per day. While for adults does not exceed 48-60 grams per day. As for pregnant and lactating women usually require more nutrients than humans in general.

Does FiberCreme contain food preservative substances / compounds, since they last for 2 years?

No. FiberCreme contains no preservatives. This can be seen through the composition of FiberCreme behind the packaging. FiberCreme can last up to 2 years if it stores it the right way. That is, kept in a tightly closed condition in a dry place, and protected from direct sunlight.

What is the difference between trans fat content and saturated fat in Santan and FiberCreme? And what percentage of fat content in FiberCreme can be consumed?

Naturally both in coconut milk and FiberCreme does not contain trans fats, and in powder conditions the saturated fat content of coconut milk is ± 55-60% while the saturated fat content in FiberCreme is about ± 30-32% so the fibercreme saturated fat content is 50% lower. Consumption of fat every age limit and condition sesesorang different, in general, total fat consumption of adult human age of Indonesia equal to 67 gram / hari. For your needs you can consult a doctor of nutrition.

What's the difference FiberCreme with coconut milk and other creamers?

Both coconut milk and FiberCreme can be applied to foods and beverages. But more importantly FiberCreme is high in fiber, free of cholesterol with creamy flavor though with lower fat content so it would be healthier. Compared with the creamers, which can only be used for certain beverages, FiberCreme has a very multifunctional advantage and can be used for both food and drink. In fact, it is healthier because it contains high Fiber.

Why is FiberCreme healthy?

Because, FiberCreme high fiber, glutten-free and lactose milk, trans fat free, cholesterol-free, low-sugar, and able to make full stomach longer. Thus, FiberCreme is suitable for consumption by various groups.

Why FiberCreme can lower cholesterol?

Basically, FiberCreme is free cholesterol. For that reason, it is clear that FiberCreme does not affect the high cholesterol of one’s cholesterol and the fiber component can also bind the fat when the food consumption and the excess cholesterol present in the body to be excreted through our bowel.

Why can FiberCreme reduce the risk of diabetes? Is it safe for diabetics to consume?

Basically, FiberCreme is included as one of the foods that have a low glycemic index, which is only 51. While a food is said to be high if it exceeds 70. So, it can be safe for someone with a history of diabetes.

Why cook with FiberCreme does not need to use sugar anymore?

We do advise not to add sugar, considering that FiberCreme actually has a sweet taste derived from oligosaccharides. However, this certainly depends on the taste of each person. It’s okay to add sugar, it’s just not recommended for those who have a history of diabetes or someone who is running a diet program.

Is the product already halal certified?

Halal information on FiberCreme products is listed on the product packaging. Halal certified from the authorized body with registered number, ie 00120061610612

Can FiberCreme be a substitute for evaporation?

If the evaporation of this question is condensed milk, then FiberCreme can be used as an alternate alternative. Alternative for those who have milk intolerance.

Is FiberCreme content as healthy as milk?

If asked if equally healthy, then the answer is the same. It’s just that the content of cow’s milk and FiberCreme is different.

What is the price of FiberCreme?

FiberCreme is available in 3 packs. For the recommended price, 100 gram sachet packs are sold for 10 thousand. For the packaging of 168 gr bottles sold for 25 thousand. For FiberCreme 450 gr packaging box sold for 38 thousand.